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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Company

How do I get my local store to carry VeggieLand products?

To request that your local grocer, healthfood store, club store or restaurant carry Franklin Farms fresh Veggiburger™ and Veggiballs™ or Jens & Marie Burgers simply contact the manager at your preferred destination. You may send them to our website at www.veggieland.com

Our Products

Can I serve your product chilled as well?

Yes. They are delicious as a salad topping or in a sandwich. However, you should always bring the burger up to 165 degrees and let cool before serving it cold.

What is the best way to cook your product?

Always refer to the POS sheet for detail instructions on cooking our products and food safety. Our burgers are best when cooked from frozen; the burger will hold together better and prevent from breakage.

Once thawed, can I re-freeze the product?

We suggest not. The moisture will disappear after the first defrost and it will change the texture and flavor profile.

Can I cook the product in the microwave?

It is not the suggest method of preparation. You may cook it in a microwave, however, it will not brown or add a crust to the outside of the burger.  Always cook to 165 degrees internal temperature.

Are any of your products gluten free?

Yes! Please see our Gluten Free Information page for a list of our gluten free products.